It’s been dreadful and good then really dreadful then dreadfully good..

I’ve had the health issues and then the Trumps and Brexits and terrible explosions and knife wielding blues..I may have withdrawn entirely from ‘humanity’ even knowing there’s always broken machinery and bad chemistry reckoned into the price..I do live down the lane on the edge and I am like The watcher…even got the hairstyle…i.e never was handed in when I left it on a plane in the early noughties..after the pneumonia I stopped doing much in the worst of the winter, just read and wrote and drew…and surfed..but the year was entirely (for me) redeemed by the music..The magic of the all night sessions in Coupars magic parlour where we put together The Firedogs record in a series of 200+ mile- round trip- all nighters (i’m too old for this shit I repeated ad nauseam) & The Bloomin’ Nora stuff..Enjoyed weaving my best ever lyrics and guitar lines without any conscious thought and with the crew that do the same and get it..and enjoyed the bass player job too..

I think I can say we finished strongly, as I tap we appear to be getting a lot of attention and many many compliments which is of course a gas..It all kicked off after at the death when the Keltoi poetic champion Gavin Martin gave us a five star review in the Daily Mirror..You can find my little films for his poems  the Rory Gallagher one and The Sex pistols I call them, they are on the FB pages and U-tub somewhere..I’m 100% certain I would have championed both LPs as a younger bloke..nice to be involved in stuff I’d once have admired from further back..nice that my friends and loved ones held on to their art and got so damned good! yeah that’s probably the real, less easily definable highlight for me..I feel like I’m part of a nameless underground movement that unlike so much fishy, flashy, shallow shite in the mainstream actually contains poetry and actually cost something emotionally for the artists..yeah that’s the other highlight..I’ll try and ramble more on here as we all take our shiz forward in the new en..anyway, for the handful of hip fek spirits who seek the stuff here’s my official Killing time making magic list 2017.

Talking Musical Revolutions. Gavin Martin LP and films on the web.
The Firedogs. LP and films on the web.
Bloomin’ Nora Various songs and films on the Web (proper LP in the spring)
Lethal as Love. Poetry by Patrick Williams available on Amazon as download and Paperback.
Jack n Bones various tracks on sound cloud.
The Filthy Spectacular (gigs and films on the web)
The Mau Mau club Monday night Gigs.
Pete Mahers mastering.
The continuing work of 4am cc
If I forgot ya sorry..

Sneer in the face of the darkness and go again stronger in 2018 you beautiful miracles.  

Brent 14.50 31/12/20summink.