The chronsynclastic epiphany of mr Brent Jackson Peacehaven Sussex 09/02/2019 3.05am

The following thoughts got me out of bed.

It seems certain that a sufficiently advanced technology i.e. from the very distant future or very far off in space the two being the same would be able to send a signal or message to the past..matter would of course be far more difficult A message should inevitably become possible via bouncing curving or firing at sufficient velocity through a wormhole or the micro-verse..and again we are talking as many thousands of years of advancements or discoveries you like.
So where is this message from the future?

There hasn’t been one.

We blow it in other words before the technology can be discovered.
Oh dear, So no message from the future is proof we don’t last.

However, if we remove the threat to and of each other and to our eco system then clearly almost immediately we will hear from the future as a grown up human race that’s got over itself are far more likely to survive long enough to gain this capability..

Imagine the acceleration of evolution in technological capabilities enabled by receiving the ability to communicate with our massively advanced far future selves?
At the moment we live in the radio silence of the doomed but it’s in our own hands..sort it out fools I really want to know how my great great etc etc grandchildren are doing.

My head hurts I’m going back to bed.