“Good afternoon, ‘Cardiac” Says the huge American voiced receptionist.
“Take a seat Mr K” Says a nurse.
Somewhere it’s Kafkaesque
…and me I make the tiny bird prints in little field of snow on my lap.
Bolstered by being the most grateful to be here on the bus of complaining souls in.
They muttered about time
It’s ticking them off.
Outside a building sites ten storey thrum, anticipates many more sick people to come.
“What have you done to me here?” the mighty receptionist asks the miniscule support guy in the hi vis support vest.
“Everything’s slid around”
Look there I am scratching in the notebook.
“I just want to go one place for everything”
“Take a seat Mrs. Dickinson”
It’s literature day in the cardiac unit as Mr K leaves suddenly a picture of inexplicable enigmatic anger.
Sometimes you hear poetry.
Others complaints.
“Sorry sir I’ll be right with you”
“That’s ok I have all the time in the world”
“Are you sure?”
Grim chuckles, call yourself support!?
“The human mind is amazing aint it?”
A three kilogram bullshit generator according to Kurt vonnegut…
“Mr K?..MISTER K!?”
From a cosmological viewpoint none of us get out very often.
Honestly the shit I find myself thinking.
I hear my broken heart beat
It’s a medium tempo hip hop
a groove at the centre of us all!
I resist rapping to it, but will travel home trying to remember it.
I see all four chambers.
Like the expectant mother of nowt.
Home on miseries packed number 12
Crammed in with people bored of the sea and the sun sinking into it,
I’m kindle-ing two books alternating chapters because i’m a brilliant maverick who does whatever the fuck he wants..
Just Like you.
I decide to write down the first thing I read from each and no cheating..
From From Yuval Noah Harari’s ’21 lessons for the 21st century’
“Today close to 1.25 million people are killed annually in traffic accidents (twice the
number killed by war, crime and terrorism combined)
and from ‘Good omens’ by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.
‘She carries her sword and smiles like a knife’
Teatime in eden.