So, 2017 staggers to a close and prepares to bung the baton to the all new mad keen, yet strangely familiar, 2018..and I have a quick look at the road behind and contemplate the one ahead as The Firedogs go on sale worldwide..Perhaps a quick update for the new arrivals who are wandering in to
check out what’s up with this Firedog thing.

We were once (Way back in the ‘punk wars’ (copywrite some NME bloke) the infamous ‘Late Road Lunatics’ DIY Indy punks once championed by John Peel and notorious for riotous gigs played mainly for causes and charities, fiercely feminist, leftist, eco types trying with all our might to avoid the hypocrisy of some of the other bands and write about stuff that they didn’t and rave about things they wouldn’t..yes we tried too hard, we were young and meant well and the elongating retro spectacles of time have given me a rosy fondness for those days..but it did all get to me/us and having fought hard for right on notoriety for 12 or so years we/I buckled at the knees and the Lunacy was over..I parted ways with my two closest musical brothers Namely Andy Coupar and Ollie Jackson, multi talented multi instrumentalists specialising in guitar and piano and drums and percussion respectively. it was 1988 and I went into the family life unionism and music in a shed hobbyist as they went on to set up The laughing Buddahs/Cheeky spiders and a music charity called Soundbase later 4.00am cc…Time rolled on because that’s the deal and it don’t know any better and although we met occasionally and jammed amicably our fates diverged..they did splendid work and kept many young offenders out of prison and mentally disadvantaged types acquainted with the healing power of music..whilst keeping on with their own fab output musically.

Ok, better fast forward to 27 years after the lunatic demise and the health scare that kicked off the lunatic reunion In a series of long phone calls Andy and I decided we’d better do it while we still could and get some of our favourite songs down for posterity and the craic, bringing our new knowledge and musicianship to the we did…and the chemistry was the biggest it swang…and swung and stung still..I uploaded a loose cover of Vans ‘Domino’ to the LRL FB page (45 followers!) and it got 26,000 views via sharing and buzz!! (now 8.5k followers!)

It was Game on and we went into 284 studios In Brighton (co-owned by Brian James once of The Damned) with Austin Gayto engineering I’d met him via my recently imploded band Teenage Grandad who’d been gigging and making trouble around Bright town..I Brought Bass demi god ‘The Mighty G’ with me (George Boarer) as he was the one person I’d met since the original LRL who had the same wild and hard to categorise chemistry and ‘Nothing messes with the groove’ philosophy,

Like Mr Coupar and Mr Jackson he sleeps in a guitar case and is either rocking or recovering from rocking or waiting to rock again..full fucking stop.

It went well and there were some new songs and jams that felt and sounded like something entirely new..We put out the LRL album “Like a dog in a playground!” containing mostly old Lunatics ‘hits’ played properly and justice was done. It sold modestly and was available free with homemade films via social disease..I meant ‘media’ honest! decided to go on and do an LP of new stuff..

Unbelievably some people who will remain faceless and nameless were claiming association with the Lunatic brand! saddoes with no right whatsoever..on top of this we decided the name which we thought up as 16 year olds was a bit childish and ‘rapey’ we changed it to The Firedogs..which I’ve explained elsewhere..( Blog ‘The Flawless Blade speaks’) You’d be surprised how many people protested and showed affection for the old ‘brand’ considering themselves hardcore lunar tribesman..Oh well bless em but no.

Wow I waffled through that way more then I planned…but we’re in 2017 now and The firedogs have been gigging around Albion and recording and Jamming in ‘Coupars magic Parlour and literally haemorrhaging songs galore! We all agree we’re playing the shit we always dreamed of and so
We’ve put out 11 of about 50..Pete Maher mastered them and Gavin Martin (Daily Mirror music critic) is about to call them the bees bollocks in a national news paper..Here we now.

There will be more gigs, films and songs in 2018 and we’ll look out for you..Ignore the Chinese it’s the year of the Dog next.

Brent Peacehaven 24/12/2017.

‘The Firedogs’ is available via apple iTunes, SoundCloud and the rest now and check out ‘Talking musical revolutions by Gavin Martin..

Peace and love and fuck the Toffs.