I’ve had a major epiphany..regarding thee ultimate maligned minority..
Those poor friendless abandoned billionaires..imagine being a platinum plated loner, the innocent offspring of the power mad grasping greed-bots…brought up indoctrinated with unhinged materialist entitlement..great mothers I weep for them, the saddest, numbest, life forms in the known universe…disconnected from reality and imprisoned in a glittering mink lined desolate hell..no wonder they want to punish everyone else..
We have love and tribe and struggle…they have everything always..I’ve been so wrong about them for so long..they are the most wretched and spiritually deprived lifeforms ever anywhere..more heart breaking than a three legged puppy drop kicked into a cesspit by a robot sea cucumber..
My new Buddhist/animist ancestor worship faith has really opened my eyes folks..we are not the suffering victims they are… Now i’m no longer a revolutionary satirist/comedian you’ll probably think i’m funnier..and you’d be right..no wonder Siddhartha Gautama never stopped chuckling…enlightenment is hilarious…
Love to all without exception and spirit in all things..
Still never trust a dog with orange eyebrows tho’
Peacehaven. 02/05/20-summink..