I fell thru this
I plied the rick and rile
instant frill chip n nosey
I felt the fowling
through inner outer
pose prose n posie
fort the justicing
snubbery and power first
opposed the jousting
sailed the steaming
boiling sea saw
with my fellow sheep
full feasting
saw the stillness
coming as we fed
the least unleashing
our grail a lie
our crown a jest
we dressed a beast in.
we depart blynd
we care not wher
just long for leaving
I learned this least
yay things occur
once we’re rolling
n schemeing
radiant brilliance
and blade
edge meaning
lays in wait
in nonsense
ruck the rools
and back the trends
your own shape
before is ripe
n rotten

Mak you sang new
start linn
four go former
forms with
reckless feeling
if the vault door
must be bleached
it must i’m thinking
for wrongness
has fell here
and frost covers
iron morning
thru witch we must
yawning for
our former snoring
slept in hiding
as the wolves
and snakes
went reaving.
for sure
their free for all
is low n boring.
Evil evening.
nowt in the orchard
for this ad man
I may say
I fel anyway
raw in
parting play
ground dan
once grand
my trees
all blushing nude
there leaves
all blown
Bye good.
ward back.
gone be.

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