The posh thinkers, The libertarians, even on the left,
are doing what they’ve always done,
throughout history..
patronising and dismissing the common man with their floral guess work.
They are experts on nothing except looking different, superior,
They have built nothing except their phoney fairy tale selves.
They have studied nothing and researched little properly,
that supports their highly individualist opinions
Such striving is for workers and specialists..and both are of course
completely alien to these shape throwing self obsessed poseurs who
Know nothing of the struggle of the lower and under class
or the dedication of the specialists they’ve produced against the odds.

You know who they are
They have spent this year Kicking and slandering a decent man.
Smug in their view oft their disconnected elevated opinions.
I don’t need them to think for me, Do you?
See, while those attracted to the decent man fret about the deal for the young the sick,
About the hopeless tone of life in the toxic, immoral, dog eat dog food fight of free market capitalism
These clowns concern themselves with rebranding the same old slanders and pseudo mystical nonsense they have always used at any hint at an increase in collectivism..
They have used the same bollix since Stalin..because of course Mao and Pol pot and arthur scargil have discredited socialism forever..
Just as Cortez, Hitler, Genghis Khan,Thatcher and the pope have proven unrestricted expansionism and aquisition are just DANDY!
It’s comic.
Look they’re having a competition a BEANO!
Strive for glitz and glory half a kilometre from the Grinding poverty on the site of Western genocide..
Talking about, scorning the flaws in systems is fun aint it?
A great game.
I’m going for gold me like…
For clever talkers what fun!
(it’s better than working)
The trumpers..the balls out yank capitalists are particularly tragic comic aint they?
Listen to them claim their system, which is marinated in old European cynical desperation (Can you hear that hopeless tone?)
..their system is the best..Built entirely on the destruction of the indigenous folk (the Holywood holocaust that’s not so fashionable anymore)
The work done by slaves from another holocaust (still quite fashionable)
Their system is the best
Despite the Atomic bombs
The glamorisation of greed and exploitation of violence and theft
The objectifying sexed up glitter of it all…
Right Left Theo, Auto Merit ocratic all these flavours
have an obvious thing in common a child could see
That’s right a small shadowy elite with all the power and wealth
Talking bollocks whilst holding The Herd, The Sheeple…You.In utter contempt.
Watch you struggle
Disadvantaged and disunited by their rigged cheat game..
They laugh and gorge.
Look! (and try to believe your eyes)
They are happy to have one child eat all the food…
Have all the freedom..
Whilst the others fight among themselves.
To the dim numb death..
Sociopathic narcissi? Psychos?

My family is a collective.
Natural as thunder and lightning and far more annoying.
My children share and support or else.
Granddaughters equal to sons
Each gets the same support, love, dinner..

Talking about the flaws in systems is fun.
A great game.
Fixing the flaws
Fighting the bullshit
Demanding justice
(look at your babies)
Your old nan..
In this hollow cold competition
Is that a great game..
I confess I’m still revolting..