Can we find profound truths
Among the winged horse play
of our ancient ancestors
‘from whence we came?
is it worth the time and effort
What pray would we gain
from hacking through that thicket
from wrestling with their ways
insights that inform

Take Hermes
Who is recorded as the messenger of the higher powers
and more,
“The translator of the god’s”
The interpreter of their otherwise unknowable will and words..
and more,
The patron of liars.
It’s ‘true’
Go check..
The gods are our leaders, heroes, Role models..
Hermes the media.
Whatever he tells us
we only have his word for
This proven king of liars.
Perhaps he invented it all
Stole it twisted from India
This proven king of liars.
Perhaps he brought the message
From bug eyed rapey Zeus himself
To Plato herself
“Exile the poets to where
They can cling to the edge
with leaves in their hair”
Thats right the father of our philosophy
Thought singers troublesome slaves
Enemies of ‘democracy’
Sympathetic to women
He was not mistaken..
Hermes told him about democracy
That proven king of liars
I sing
I don’t like the
city that doesn’t like me..
I’m banished
We have paddled here
in the shallows of the dawn
of our story
We have seen the liars and jailers
Who presume
to manipulate the innocent
In the name of freedom
They exile the resistance
Compelled by the father of our philosophy
His head shines
From all the songs that passed over it
and Hermes is confessing
His confession is lies.
Welcome to the perimeter you refugees
From the kingdom of liars
Here we sing.
we hide.

Brent, Peacehaven, 9/11/2016