Oh dear oh dear what times…a safe Labour seat falls to the Millionaire business feks and their zombie legion…even a spectacular tail spin by UKCrap cannot cheer me..

Have to be honest and realistic, many, many, good hearted lefties, some I like and admire are just not having Corbin…and it’s starting to feel like the media propaganda attack on poor old Jez has worked, and we simply can’t get even slightly left of centre without those who just can’t and don’t ‘believe’ in him..

And there’s nobody else who looks like they can attract them…

I’ve been a little guilty of wishing more people had been to Scandinavia, had stayed away from the mainstream news and hell, logged off and read a bit…starting to see it as an elitist folly to some extent, losing hope that people will suddenly wake up and be sickened by the business before community, ‘Great’ British sell off.

It gets worse when you realise you’re wishing Jezza could do a ‘Trump’ and really tear into the opposition, they seem such easy targets…so self evidently materialist and self serving…but sadly, the very qualities that make him a decent human being refusing to join the dog and pony show at the house of con men, are the same that stop him attracting the populist vote.

It’d death by thrilling irony as the NHS goes private before our eyes and the jaded except the dog eat dog world theme park Britannia…I’m chewing the desk here in frustration as the healers and educators the non materialists are swept aside like incompetent henchmen in those clichéd film/games who cannot shoot or punch you but are just there to die and keep you playing..
2000 years later and still praying for salvation, still stained by that stupid Hollywood conceit that drives every other movie, One man against the mob/world/corporation, you know that plot that never EVER happened in real life….still wishing for a Cinderella twist.

Dark visions plague me again and I hear the voice of my granddad a communist who wasn’t having the Tory ‘vermin’ whatsoever and couldn’t walk past an underdog for trying…a pillar of the community who had no enemies where he lived…(and a fine piano sing song leader too apropos of fuck all) and He’s saying..’Wishing you had wheels will not get you bus fare’
‘Rise!’ called a wavering tired sounding voice of defiance.

For Gilly. O2/24/2017