In discussion with my eldest son about the evolving and dissenting nature of art, citing Captain Beefheart and Van Gogh and Bowie as examples as art as inspirational provocation..then pondering afterwards on the fantastic privilege to have lived a life in art..profit and recognition be able to connect with others, to be able to put it down on the page or tape or up on the screen, just transcendent and miraculous..


Remembering the greatest buzzes of my life seeing Jack Kirbys work for marvel hearing john Lennons howl and mantras seeing Vincents disturbance fizz hearing Life on Mars and Virginia plain..Purple Haze The End..Dali, David lynch Vonnegut, Joyce,Pratchett..on and on the heart breaking beautifully and now broken…but no regrets not one..


Forget the nine oclock news and step over to the ravishing creative change inducing side..there’s injustice in the world sure wrongness galore but there’s ten turn ons for every one of them once you adjust your vision and tune out the misery broadcast and the material lowbrows..Do that!
Live to love and make stuff.


We live in a strange and stupid world, the panel below is from this weeks Uncanny Xmen #6 so a mainstream Disney owned entertainment, hugely popular..and I think it’s fair to say the view expressed is widely held. Think about the convoluted and contradictory nature of this, it certainly makes my head hurt.
The problem is how do we fix this beautiful, miraculous even, planet without bloodshed and disaster? hold on, When, when do we begin to fix it?..aren’t most of us willing to jettison most of our comforts and beliefs to achieve that? If not then is’nt the ‘survival at any cost’ philosophy revealed right there as entirely hollow, a lie?
My god it’s primate stupid isn’t it? Just shed your skin and move on, grow, wake, overcome the problems and build the very real and achievable ‘utopia’ that’s within reach and the vast majority want.
The people of Earth need to begin demanding a summit on this now 2019 lets go.
Peace on earth goodwill to all men, no really i’m not an actor I mean it.