We came from nowhere, the no hoper perimeter where the schools are cheap and nasty and serve mainly to facilitate the parents working, where what should be a heaving workshop of inspiration and the nurturing of the new blood is reduced by mere economics and political ‘philosophy’ into an obedience school, indoctrination camp and kresh..me and my brother from nowhere had it over the fence and (having a wild country childhood in common) looked at the deal and snorted in derision..

Then suddenly,
A book cover in the mobile library told me
“Man is born free and everywhere is in chains.”
I couldn’t wait to tell my brother from nowhere.

But of course we knew already, the mystery to us was ‘Why do people put up with it?’
We’re still not sure.
Fear is our best answer..

The banner that offers you safety and belonging will lead you to war..
We decided we needed to challenge and hey we’re Sixteen, even overthrow! this errant nonsense..
That’s not going so well here forty two years later!
forty two!
That’s how long we’ve been seeking our ‘Jericho’

Later I took to a serious and super comprehensive study of the poetry of dissent and discovered ‘The tradition’
As my brother from nowhere embarked on the same ‘trip’ but added music structure and production where I studied Jack Kirby.
We became widely known as The Lunatics and drank in the view from the edge looking in and, it turned out, practised many ceremonies nearly as old as the moon associated with shamanism and creativity since the dim dark dawn…yes, ok, mainly those pertaining to the derangement of the ‘senses’ it’s risky to play with the senses and many experimentalists now abide in rubber rooms and are not allowed sharp objects…or sleeves.
but those same senses can see you putting up with the factory and the consensus that serves the Fat Lord, our nemesis, Mammon, The king of lies..The toffs.
The argument continues but we risked it anyway as the alternative was biege and grey bingo auto life, plastic wrapped slavery as we called it..
We did this it’s true..we shouted ‘We only play guitars coz we can’t afford machine guns’
at audiences throughout these islands and beyond..I now realise we were describing what we were seeing which was many people feeling that change must be fought for and these ancient lizard folk that run this shit show will never budge unless pushed.
Oh and Lucifer was pushed.
We liked the terror and chaos that song caused it was called White eyed robots and it was a description of the already commercialised to death punk scene..The lyrics were written by a version of me who was much cleverer than the pished vain drug addled knob who wrote them..
Ah Nihilism and it’s brutal comfort that looks like a truth…Oh were things so simple..
I am a romantic Nihilist and I believe my brother from nowhere is too, throw some humanism and anarchy in also, ten heaped tablespoons of socialism..
Where was I?
We’ve cooked up about a thousand little musical psycho dramas now I spose and I’m beginning to realise they are all as good as and better than ‘Machine guns’ as everyone called it anyway..
This is the beginning of me recording as much of the lunatic insurrection as I can remember and
how it lead to Abbey Rd John Peel and fire star reviews in national papers..the Nowhere brothers upsetting some deserving V.I.P. brains and THE FIREDOGS.
Which is where you’ll find us now multiplied to four..but more on those splendid new nowhere brothers soon.
Remind me to write more!