The Firedogs are not a ‘normal’ band
Bios will say this shit but I am not a P.R. bot.

I am a Lifelong fan of Mr Andy Coupar and Mr Brent Jackson..I’ve followed them since they were

lunatic teenagers gigging twice a week and ‘practicing’ (a party with jamming NO RERUNS) twice..
Two things happened..they gained a big live following based on the Iggy style kamikaze fronting of Jackson and the increasingly stunning guitar rule breaking of his stalwart..
They added some killer tunes and chorus’s and Mr Ron Richards House producer at Abbey road studios and Genius gentleman saw them live and took them in abbey road two nutters are the best songwriters i’ve heard since John and Paul.
‘Who?’ Coupar said.
John Peel professed he loved the Lunatics So they split up. 88..
Reforming In 2014 With their best drummer (producer teacher) Ollie jackson and The mighty G (The best lead guitarist that ever played bass! world traveller Singer Hawklord.) To make an LP of the Lunatic songs they wished they’d recorded, they soon found ten thousand fans had joined their page and got more than 2 million video views They had a sit down…worldwide radio play and some festivals got terrorised…
Then they decided to start jamming.. a freer wilder approach where the previous was free and wild..
Still the old chorus’s that nag n stick still the old killer tunes..but a new will to push the sonic envelope and say the unsaid..  
This is the firedogs. it’s what they’re doing now.

Soundman to G has he’s going onstage: What sort of music do you play?
G: Lets find out shall we.

Ron Richards (22 January 1929 – 30 April 2009)
John Peel, OBE (30 August 1939 – 25 October 2004)