Thank you granddaughter, you’ve got to love them…no apparently you have to.

I have now officially been making my own art and stories and songs for half a centaury..

There are people who still regard me as ‘The Kid’ on here and those poor long suffering folk can confirm that’s not hyperbole they can also confirm that I’ve always been this eccentric and gregarious..what they can’t do is explain why I aint better at the ‘Art’ after spending oceans of time at it..

I had a whale Friday night with the inner circle at the 2nd Nora LP sessions..if there’s a place I’d like to spend a birthday in more than Coupars magic parlour it’s slipped my mind.

Chorus: Here for our younger viewers is what I’ve learnt in 58 years of tenacious survival by audacious bluff..Count your blessings!

I’ts one of them phrases your nan and the bible say and you see as trite religious homilies..
However having died thrice once in Glasgow I can assure you it’s a 100% legit magic mantra, explanation and the first thing one thinks after a resurrection…oh and there are many, many second chances.
Count your blessings!
I do.
I’m glad to be here and I’m glad you’re here too.

Brent Peacehaven, 28th August 2017.