Every fortnight as some of you will know a small satirical newspaper called Private eye is published in this country and is available to all, many of you my friends, will give it a miss, as large swathes of it are concerned with subjects you feel, I know, life is just too short to dwell on…

This is a view I understand and sympathise with, sometimes I only read the Cartoons, There’s only so much rank injustice, corruption and pomposity one can laugh at before it rings hollow like a gigantic bell… Fortnight upon fortnight and without fail, since I was a teenager, this publication has reeled off and highlighted a steady flow of tales of the double dealing, money grabbing and bent in our management and legal and ruling ‘classes’, A heap of odious, sociopath, politicians, Businessmen and media figures… unhinged by the prospect of a whiff of power and wealth into acts of breathtaking selfishness and greed, tens, no, hundreds of thousands of acts of moral bankruptcy and betrayals of common decency, exploitation and opportunism that would make a parasitical insect wither with shame. As entertainment goes it’s a pretty masochistic and questionable choice actually, I’ve come to realise and I have to wonder how it goes on and on and on.

I prefer the brevity and incision of verse really and song specifically and I feel two song quotes sum up the situation with agonising exactitude.
“The worlds insane and we’re all to blame in a way” Paul Weller, “The Butterfly collector”
“People aint no good” Nick cave, eponymous.

Today I read in the ‘Eye’ that, ‘according to Facebooks own figures there are more 18 year old men on the platform than are currently alive on Earth”
Fancy that!
Is it any wonder that a sea of souls pretend, indeed yearn to be someone else?

I celebrate my youngest sons birthday today, He’s Thirteen and Innocent, untouched by the seething ocean of maggots before him..Baby Jesus on a unicycle Shall we do something about it? Or just fold like all those others and stagger off into the wasteland of lonely broken liars and mercenaries doomed to never feel again the contentment and belonging we once imagined?
Fatherhood…it’s a bastard.

Brent. 02/05/2017 (tuesday)