THE FIREDOGS are an amazing band from the UK, based in London, Hemel Hempstead and Brighton. Formed by former members of The Late Road Lunatics, Teenage Grandad and others, they are fighting the good fight for everyone. They also Rock. Hard.



The Firedogs’ new album reviewed by Gavin Martin in The Mirror (UK).

5 Stars!!!


Come see The Firedogs rip it up LIVE

Friday 28th October 2016  – Quinns – Kentish town



“The Firedogs are not a ‘normal’ band. I am a lifelong fan of Mr Andy Coupar and Mr Brent Jackson..I’ve followed them since they were lunatic teenagers gigging twice a week. Two things happened..they gained a big live following based on the Iggy style kamikaze fronting of Jackson and the increasingly stunning guitar rule breaking of Andy Coupar.. Soundman to G as he’s going onstage: What sort of music do you play? G: Lets find out shall we.”

– Nige, 40

“Rock? Yeah, don’t tell me about rock. We had loads of it. Like, everywhere! Oh, the music? Sorry, yeah, then you probably want to listen to The Firedogs.”

– Some old, dead dude. Probably


“The Firedogs are my jam! Like, woah, you know what I mean? I mean they are all totally handsome, specially that singer bloke. What a stunner!”

– Some woman in a stock photo, if she knew who we were, probably.